DeeSse channels (Multiple Point Simulation)
Project Overview

DeeSse is an algorithm performing multiple points statistics simulation using a direct sampling strategy. It is particularly well suited for building realistic sub-surface geological models to be used in flow-simulation, both in hydro-carbon or hydrogeological contexts.

Compared to existing multi-points statistics simulation packages, DeeSse offers the following attractive new features:

  • DeeSse allows simulating not only categorical properties but also continuous ones.
  • With DeeSse the joint simulation of several properties, whether categorical and/or continuous, is feasible.
  • DeeSse can accommodate secondary information (trend maps, etc…) to drive the simulation process.
  • Because of the specifics of direct sampling (it does not call for storing the multiple points statistics in trees or lists) the memory requirement is low. DeeSse can thus accommodate very large training images.

ocean partner badgeDeeSse¬†plug-in for Petrel* is available on Schlumberger’s Ocean* Store.

* is a mark of Schlumberger