In this area Ephesia Consult has made a number of very significant contributions:

  • Improvements in traditional geostatistical simulation algorithms such as Truncated Gaussian Simulation (TGS) and Pluri-Gaussian Simulation (PGS) to account for non-stationarity and uncertainty in facies proportions
  • Implementation of new innovative methods to perform object simulation, with the emphasis on respecting non-stationarity of objects proportions, flexible objects shapes and interaction between objects
  • Implementation of a new, efficient algorithm to perform multiple-points statistics simulation allowing to generate stunningly credible geological images (Impala);
  • Development of a completely novel simulation technique (Markov-type Categorical Simulation) which not only reproduce facies proportions and shapes but also depositional asymmetries;
  • Implementation of novel techniques to perform pseudo-genetic simulation of deltaic lobes and turbiditic channels ;
  • Implementation of automatic fitting algorithms for variograms, uni- and bivariate distributions based on state-of-the-art optimization algorithms and able to manage mixture of models (using the EM algorithm).