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Geovariances is an independent software vendor which provides the most complete solution in Geostatistics: innovative methodologies, experts and software packages.

Geovariances main software, Isatis, is the Reference geostatistical software solution which offers, in a single integrated package, an exclusive range of proven geostatistical techniques for in-depth data analysis, estimation and simulations.

Geovariances is one of the three partners of Ephesia Consult for the commercialization of our MPS Impala software.

Visit Geovariances Impala web page

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Paradigm™ is the largest multi-national software company exclusively focused on the delivery of analytical and information management solutions for the discovery and extraction of subsurface natural resources. Paradigm software solutions (with e.g. GOCAD and SKUA) support every stage in the oil and gas E&P process, from seismic processing and imaging, to interpretation and modeling, reservoir characterization and engineering, and well planning and drilling. These are all augmented by a comprehensive set of data management utilities.

Paradigm is one of the three partners of Ephesia Consult for the commercialization of our MPS Impala software.

Visit Paradigm Impala web page

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Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE: BHI) creates value from oil and gas reservoirs with high-performance drilling, evaluation, completions and production technology and services, integrated operations and reservoir consulting. Our solutions are designed to lower costs, reduce risk or improve productivity for the global oil and gas industry.

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ reservoir modeling software quickly builds and updates complex reservoir models accurately. This software changes the way you think about geological modeling and reservoir simulation.Baker Hughes is one of the three partners of Ephesia Consult for the commercialization of our MPS Impala software.

Visit Baker Hughes Impala web page

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Ram-Ses is a company specializing in risk analysis of polluted lands and soils as well as in supporting public operators in the implementation of new policies for the preservation and improvement of soil quality.

Ram-Ses is supported by Ephesia Consult for the geo-statistical processing of data from some complex sites.

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eOde is a consulting office specialized in geostatistics applied to environmental issues, created by Dr Hélène Demougeot-Renard in 2010. eOde offers various services: case studies, support, training, research and development, based on both her expertise in geostatistical modeling and contaminated sites management developed through various projects since 1990.





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The Centre for Hydrogeology and Geothermics (CHYN) is a leading institute for research and teaching on groundwater and geothermal energy with about 50 collaborators.

Ephesia Consult's Impala MPS software is the result of a strong collaboration with Pr. Philippe Renard and his collaborators at CHYN.

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Research at Earth and Life Institute at U.C.L. relates to many current societal concerns such as water and soil pollution, management of forests ans (semi-) natural spaces, functional ecology, soil erosion, land use, carbon and water flow, the effect of climate change on biogeochemical cycles, etc.

Ephesia Consult is in relation with Pr. Patrick Bogaert for discussions on topics related to geostatistics.

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Faculty at the forefront of sustainable development and eco-innovation, from field to consumer, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech is devoted exclusively to agricultural sciences and biological engineering.

Ephesia Consult member Dimitri D'Or is scientific collaborator at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech where he gives seminars on geostatistics applied to contaminated sites and soils.




Scientific associations


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The aim of the geoENVia association is to promote the application and use of geostatistical methods in environmental applications and to organize, on a biennal basis, the geoENV conferences


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